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At the coast of Cyprus – Limassol and surrounding

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Limassol is situated at the southern coast of Cyprus. A great town with lots of history at every corner. It is great to take a stroll along the coast on such a beautiful day. The walkway stretches for kilometers.

Of course the city has lots of modern development.

The old town still has many signs of the islands’ past sharing the space with the Turks, before the separation of the island.

I had to visit the old market hall with all its vegetable, meat and fish vendors. Here you can find local banana, papaya and pineapple. A paradise for the food lover.

The oldest sight in town is the castle, I guess. It dates back to the 13th century and is nice to visit as it has a great little exhibition of artifacts in the 1st floor.

Returning to Pafos we took the time to visit Castelli.
Here the famous Commandaria wine is being produced. The knights had reassigned the fortress in the middle ages to produce wine. The Commandaria region got famous from the 12th century onwards for producing a wine that was exported throughout Europe, especially Austria. The Commandaria wine is the oldest recorded Wine brand existing.

Visiting the inside of the castle cools you down on a hot day!

Castelli is certainly worth to see because the setting and surrounding is stunning.

We also visited the near by wine museum. The friendly ladie working there can tell you everything about the wine and  history of the region.

All in all a colorful day.


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  1. I see you have also visited my hometown: Limassol. My maternal grandmother was from Colossi and the castle is also called Colossi Castle.

  2. Nice pictures of Limassol, i liked very much, Thanks for visiting my blog to.

  3. Oh my gosh, Tobias, you just instantly transport me to go there through your photographs. Very pretty indeed. Thank you so much for sharing.

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