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A trip to Cyprus: The beginning: Pafos

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We wanted a few days of vacation, getting out of Greece. Cyprus was near and the flights were reasonable so I booked the tickets. It should have made me think that I could not find any small pensions online when i searched, but it din’t. So I took a small appartment in a hotel.

We landed in Larnaca and were picked up by a friendly local, called Dimitris, that drove us to Pafos and rented a car to us. It should turn out to be the last local we meet this day.

Having dealt with the rental formalities we decided to explore the coast. We passed Coral Bay going to Cape St. George (see picture above). We quickly understood that the region around Pafos town, especially along the coast, was being overly developed with constructions.

Sites like this one are all along the coast. Entire villages are set up from scratch to cater to sun hungry tourists looking to buy a cheap apartment. The construction companies get tax breaks as long as they keep building. Not a good idea as one can see.

It seems that the constructions are done without any stile on purpose. The eateries target at English tourists that can be identified easily from far. No shirt and a sunburn.

My last hope is the famous Cypriot cuisine but it seems to be hiding.

After an extensive search we find a place that offers “Cypriot dishes” and “Fresh Fish“. The Romanian waiter is very friendly but explains to us that he speaks no Greek. Shortly after he serves us a shrimp salad with mayonnaise and ketchup.


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