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Warm cauliflower salad

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With the weather cooling down warm salads are more and more welcome. At this time of the year, I prefer a hearty, warm plate to a cold salad. This cauliflower salad con be served as a side dish, but it can serve as well as a whole meal, especially for lunch. I served it with crusty oven baked potatoes. The tomato in combination with the cumin and the garlic gives the dish a mediterranean flair.

Preparation time: 3 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
very simple recipe


  • 1 cauliflower, cut in pieces
  • 3 tomatoes, skinned and cubed
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin
  • a pinch of salt and pepper
  • some olive oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • some saffron
  • a hand full of parsley, chopped


Skinn the tomatoe and cube it. You can also used canned tomatoes, depending on season and geography.

Fry the cubed onion in a bit of oil. Then add the chopped garlic. Stir and fry for a minute or two. Now add salt and pepper and saffron.

Now add the caulyflower and the tomato. Add a bit of water if needed. The vegetables should be just covered with liquid.

Cover the pot and let it boil for 15 minutes. Then let it boil for another 5 minutes without covering it in order to loose some liquid. The cauliflower should be done by now.

Place on a big serving plate and put lots of parsley over it. Ready to serve.

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  1. You have evoked so many memories with this simple dish. My mother used to make kounoupidi giahni me patates, but I do not dare cook it as my children hate the smell of cauliflower. Wow, I really want to make it now.

  2. That is great to hear, thank you Ivy.

  3. Love making cauliflower with tomato sauce, but you’ve made it even better here. The cumin sounds delicious in the dish and goes beautifully with the cauliflower.

  4. I’ve never tried a dish like this one. Great way to eat the cauliflower.

  5. Kounoupidi yiahni is one of the best winter’s vegetable dishes. I add some black olives while it’s cooking, and yes is great as a main meal!

  6. the olives are a great idea, thanks.

  7. I am always looking for new ways to prepare and eat Cauliflower. I like the flavors here.

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