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Travelling in Greece – Hydra II – Vlychos

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The village of Vlychos is an accumulation of a few houses and two taverns. It lies south west of the port of Hydra, just a few kilometers along the coast. It is connected to the main town by a stunning walk along the sea side. Here you can find in the evening hours wonderful little bays to go swimming for sunset.

There is also Marinas Tavern which is situated on a terrace directly by the sea. Here Despina is cooking simple food and grilling fresh fish. The fish is expensive as everywhere in Greece but Despina is mastering her BBQ perfectly. When you stick to some salad, some marinated sardines and wine your bill will be around 15 Euros. The view is certainly priceless.

The sun sets fast and you wonder how time is passing so quickly. Unfortunately you can’t slow some moments down.

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  1. What a great view! Aaaahh, I’d love to sit there and eat…



  2. ahhhh, i love hydra :) Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Amazing pictures! Greece is my dream trip, but I never been there. Maybe one day…, we’ll see…
    Thanks for sharing this fantastic places with us!

  4. I could look at your photos every single day and sigh sigh sigh!!!
    This is what I love: the communion with nature, the simplicity of the meals (and freshness), the colors, the stillness. Great job Tobias, thank you for the pleasure of enjoying it.

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