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Sunday in the neighbourhood – The taverna Megaritis

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The favourite pass time of the Greeks is to sit. Preferably in a “Kafeneion” or a “Taverna”. This is depending on the time of the day. Sundays at noon (14.00 to 17.00) Greeks love to sit in the taverna with the family and friends and eat. Different Mezze are eaten and wine or beer is consumed. All tavernas have their open “house wine” that in many cases is a fairly drinkable table wine.

For those of you who might come to town to visit, I want to present a few place I regularly go to to eat. All of them have their special charm.

This weekend I want to present the Taverna Megaritis in the district of Pangrati. A very original place not far form the center of town. Maybe 20 minutes by foot from Syntagma Square, right behind the marble stadium.

On the ground floor you can sit on the street, a quiet road with barely any traffic (photo above). Once you find your way through the decorated inside of the tavern you will reach the roof terrace (photo below).

The food is simple and reasonable. Salads, beans, but also lots of “Mageirefta”. Cooked dishes such as veal in red sauce, chicken lemonato or stifado.

Almost all tavernas offer also grilled food such as pork chops, lamb chops or the classic souvlaki. On Sunday’s you can find live music on the roof terrace. the musicians play decent rembetiko and laiki with out speaker systems which makes it pleasant to listen to while enjoying the food. Also during the week this is a place woth a visit.

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  1. Lovely! I’d love to have lunch there!



  2. Tobias, these little tavernas are the culinary gems of Greece. A little digging or a hot tip and some great and affordable food are to be had.

  3. beautiful pic… makes me want board a flight to Greece right now…

  4. Hi Tobias! I am married to an Austrian (who is not a foodie at all, sadly) and I went to school in Athens when I was little. I found your website on Foodbuzz, its lovely!

  5. Hi! Have you written about Methana?

  6. @ Stella
    No but about Athens. Would love to write about Methana though.

  7. We love everything about Megaritis–good food, good prices, good music, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. The owners and the servers truly understand the meaning of filoxenia. Its location in the Pangrati district is perfect.

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