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Spring onions in filo pastry (Μπουρεκάκι με κρεμμύδι)

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Spring onions in filo pastry (Μπουρεκάκι με κρεμμύδι)

Spring onions in filo pastry (Μπουρεκάκι με κρεμμύδι)

This is an amazingly minimalistic recipe. The dish consists only of filo pastry and spring onions. Just some salt, pepper and olive oil added to season it. I serve it as a mezze with ouzo or wine but as well as a starter in combination with some salad. The soft onion in combination with the crusty pastry makes an ideal light snack.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Baking time: 30 minutes
Easy recipe


  • 8 spring onions, scallions
  • a package of filo pastry, frozen
  • salt and pepper
  • some olive oil

Preparation :

Wash and chop the scallions. Put them into a bowl, season with salt, pepper and some olive oil and mix well.
Take a leaf of the filo pastry and spread some olive oil over it. Add a second leaf and again spread some olive oil over it. Now put a third of the filling on one side of the pastry leafs. Roll the filo pastry up so it looks like a tube. Be careful with the openings of the filo. Make sure no filling is falling out while you roll it.

Once rolled, fold the filo at the openings to assure nothing is falling out while baking.

Repeat this until all the filling is used up.

Cut with a knife diagonally into pieces and put on top of a baking paper into the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees centigrade.

Serve warm or cold.

The German version “Frühlingszwiebeln in Filo Teig” you can find here.
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  2. That looks so good! Perfect for the summertime!



  3. A nice vegetarian and nistisimo kremidopita…a rose for this would be nice.

  4. Minimalist is definitely best, especially in the summer. This sounds so good and fresh … and I would love to be nibbling on some while sipping a refreshing glass of Ouzo!

  5. What a delicious finger food! I can see them being a hit at a cocktail party! They’re like breadsticks, but with a surprise inside!

  6. Tobias πολύ ωραία τα μπουρεκάκια σου! Θα τα δοκιμάσω!

  7. Great looking dish! This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and can I just say I love it. The kind of food I’d love to eat and learn to cook, I’ll be back for sure.

  8. @ Rosa: Thanks a lot!
    @ Peter: I agree with the coice of wine.
    @ Maria: Yes, Ouzo would work too, definitely.
    @ Martha: I use them as finger food as well.
    @ Αγγελική: ευχαριστώ πολύ
    @ Tim: Thanks a lot. That’s good to hear!

  9. this is a nice alternative for vegans and tasty finger food.
    thanks for sharing.. had lots of stuffing in my phyllo but not
    the green onions

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