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Rice pudding – Ρυζόγαλο

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Childhood memories of my grandmother Elisabeth came up when I prepared this dish today. When ever I visited her there was rice pudding. It had a garnish of sugar and cinnamon on top and a tiny piece of butter was melting in the middle of the hot pudding on my plate. Also Greek childen have such memories. Here it is called Risogalo – Ρυζόγαλο. The Rice pudding is served in good tavernas as desert. Old and young love to eat it. it is served chilled though.

cooking time: 20 minutes

very simple recipe


  • 1 cup of Risotto rice
  • 3 ts sugar
  • 4 cups of milk
  • Zimt und Zucker
  • some butter


Fry the rice lightly with some butter in a small pot. Add the sugar and the mild and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Keep the pot covered. Stir occasionally.

When the rice is done fill into bowls and serve with a piece of butter, some sugar and cinnamon on top.

You can also let the bowls with the pudding cool down and serve them chilled. In this case do not add the butter and sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar over the dish before you serve it.

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  1. That treat is aways lovely!



  2. Love rice pudding. It must be the only recipe which is made all over the world and in each place it’s different. In Greece we add corn starch to thicken it and as you said it is chilled.

  3. First time I see a recipe like this where the rice is fried in butter first! sounds easy enough and delicioso…

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