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Out on Sunday at the Plateia of Kessariani

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On Sundays we like to go to the Plateia of Kessariani. The Plateia – the main square – is always a point of gathering in Greece. This square is special though, because withing all the high raised appartment builidings in Athens there is a little Plateia that is surrounded with small, old houses. In these houses you will find taverns and coffee shops which of course fill up on a sunday afternoon.

Here you can find taverns that specialize on meat or fish but as well nice Mezedopoleia – Places that sell Meze in combination with Ouzo or Raki. I have tried most of the places on the Plateia and all of them are nice. The athmosphere is good, you will need a bit of patience though when it is full. But that does not matter because there is nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon, but to sit in a taverna and eat, so no hurry.

This time we chose the tavern “η Τρατα” – Traτa – which means the fishing net. Right at the entrance you can see the last catch.

We skipped the big, expensive fish this time and chose some of the small ones. They are tasty and combine well with a salad and some Chorta. We also had some Πατάτες τιγανιτές – fries which are part of a good taverna meal.

We spent again a great afternoon in Kessariani. I can only recommend a visit. You will not find tourits here but friendly Greeks. It is easy to reach by cab from the center. It will take you approximetaly 10 minutes.
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  1. I need to point out, that You ate all the fries, as soon as they arrived on the table!

  2. Tobias this is very near my house and we go there quite often, especially during summer. We usually sit at Trata, the fish tavern in the inner part of plateia, at the corner.

  3. Thats fun! I come by foot form Pangrati. Maybe we manage to cook together as we live so near. How about that?

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely time. The taverna sounds quite good … I love the small fish as well. So small, yet packed with so much flavor!

  5. I didn’t know that you live in Pangrati. That would really be fun and I would be honoured to cook with you. Any time you like, we can arrange that.

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