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Lemon jam – Aunt Bina’s recipe

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When I arrived in the house on the top of the hill, I was stunned by how full the lemon tree in the garden was. I had never seen so many ripe lemons on the tree and I observe it since many years. It almost was a pity to harvest all of them. I ended up having almost 20 kilos of lemons which I had to use. I quickly decided that jam would be the best thing to turn them into. Aunt Bina who was in Hydra as well, told me her simple and great recipe for lemon jam and lots of cutting began.

Preparation time for 1 kilo of lemons: 20 minutes

boiling time: 35 minutes

very simple


  • 1 Kilogram of bio oranges
  • a pack of gellant
  • 300 gram sugar


Put the lemons into a big pot with cold water and bring to boil. Simmer for 30 minutes, then drain them. Let the lemons cool down, then cut them into halves.

Spoon the pulp out of the fruit and put into a colander. Press the pulp with a wooden spoon through the colander and collect all liquids dripping down in a bowl.

Spoon the white out of the skin (if existing) and throw it away.

Slice the skin very finely, then put it into a pot. Add the liquid, the sugar and the gellant and bring to boil for 5 minutes. See the instructions on the pack of the gellant in case that they differ. Fill the jam into glasses and close tight.

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  1. What a pretty picture! I love lemons. I bet this is delicious.

  2. Ohh….very simple ingredients! Would love to try that. I love anything lemon.

  3. I confess I have never seen nor tasted lemon jam; sounds and looks very good! Are you selling any?

  4. A lemon jam sounds absolutely delightful! I love the idea!

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