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Keftedes with Apricot Chutney

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Keftedes with Apricot Chutney

Keftedes with Apricot Chutney

Reading the kali orexi blog once more I got inspired to try out a crossover of Greek and Indian cuisine. Using the greek keftedes and combining them with a spicy sweet sour Indian chutney seems very tempting to me.
As apricots are in season and you can find them at every corner at the moment, I decided to do the chutney from apricots.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Easy recipe

Ingredients for the Keftedes (meat balls):

  • 400 gram grounded beef and pork
  • 1 small cup of grounded bread
  • one egg
  • parsley chopped
  • a pintch of kumin, salt, pepper

Ingredients for the Chutney:

  • 400 gram of apricots
  • 1 red pepper
  • an onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • cayenne pepper
  • a sip of whisky
  • a small red chilli
  • a spoon full of sugar


I put the grounded meet into a bowl and mix it with the parsley, salt, pepper and cumin. Then I add the bread and the egg and mix it once more. I form little balls and put them on a plate.
The meatballs are being fried in some olive oil at medium heat until they have nice colour.

While frying I prepare the chutney. I put half the red pepper and 3 apricots without the pits into a blender and produce a sauce.
I dice the onion and the pepper and fry it with some olive oil at medium heat until the onion takes some colour. Then I add the cayenne, the chilli and the garlic and let it fry for a little while. Now I add the sugar and let it caramelize. Finally I put a sip of whisky into the pan. Now I add the sauce from the blender and the remaining apricots cut in quarters. I turn off the heat and let it all simmer with the remaining heat of the stove.

I put the ready fried meatballs into a pan and pour the sauce over it. Let it sit for a bit so the sauce can sink into the meat. Serve while still warm.

TIP: Also tastes great when cold.

The German version “Keftedes mit Aprikosenchutney” you can find here.
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  2. Tobias, that sounds great! I would have loved to use a bit more spice in my dish too, but I have to think of the little ones! So, I usually add some extra crushed red pepper flakes to my own dish.

    I love how you executed this slightly diffenrently–the pureed apricots plus the sliced apricots must have added tons of flavor. Thank you so much for reading and for trying something I’ve made … it means a lot to know there are bloggers out there satisfied with something I’ve made!

  3. Thx for visitng and thus leading me to this gorgeous site!!! Wow, you CAN cook!!!!

  4. Tobias, good find in Maria’s keftedes and apricot sauce dish…this looks every bit as juicy as hers.

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