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Filet of Bass served on Couscous

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Bass is one of the more reasonable fish you can find in Greek fish shops. Greeks love small fish like Sardines, Sprat and Anchovy, larger fish are, due to the higher price, not so often part of the menu. Except the Bass or Λαυράκι, which is with 15 to 18 Euros the kilogram quite reasonable. Today I got a great sample of this fish and it tasted truly delicious.

Preparation: 5 minutes

cooking time: 15 minutes

simple recipe


  • 1 bass, approx 500 gram
  • a cup of Couscous
  • 4 TS of Greek Yogurt
  • Dill
  • some butter
  • alf a soup cube
  • some curry powder
  • salt and pepper


Have your fish dealer prepare the fish for you.

The Couscous has different modes of preparation depending on the brand you are getting. Mine wanted to be boiled ofr 10 minutes. I did so adding some salt, curry powder butter and half a soup cube.

Meanwhile you can filet the fish. It is best to lay the fish on a board and cut with a sharp knife, starting at the tail, along the back bone towards the head. Stop right underneath the side fin. Cut form behind the fin vertically down until you have separated the fillet form the fish. Turn the fish around and repeat the steps. The carcass you can easily turn into a fish stock you will appreciate doing your next risotto. Bring the leftovers to boil in a small pot adding some onion, leek, bay leaves and pepper corns. Boil for 20 minutes, then drain.

On the thick end of the filets you will be finding some bones, which are easily removed with a pair of tweezers or other professional tools.

heat up the pan and add some butter. Put some salt and pepper on the fillets and fry them with the skin side down. Put a small frying pan ontop of them in order to avoid them curling up. Turn after 3 minutes and fry again.

Stir some yogurt with some finely chopped dill and a pinch of salt.

Serve the fish with the Couscous and the yoghurt sauce.

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  1. I’m as big fan of lavraki, be it grilled or baked or pan-fried in your instance. Most of the lavraki in the markets are farmed but they are affordable and delicious!

  2. this looks amazing! i could eat well prepared fish every night of the week.

  3. What a wonderful use of ingredients in this simple dish Tobias. Looks delicious!

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