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Baked apple jam

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This time of the year is known for baked apple. The peeled apple is baked in the oven with cloves, nuts and cinnamon until it is soft. It is served hot as a desert. I figured that this taste would do well as a jam. So one could enjoy this blend of flavors also in the morning on a slice of bread.

When preparing this jam the house smells of Christmas! Enjoy!

Preparation time: 5 minutes

cooking time: 50 minutes

difficulty: easy


  • 70 oz of apple, sour
  • 35 oz of Gelling sugar
  • 3,5 oz of Christal sugar
  • 7 oz marzipan
  • cinnamon to taste
  • a pinch of ground cloves
  • a pinch of ground cardamon
  • 3,5 oz butter
  • juice of 3 lemons
  • 4,2 fl oz white wine


Peel the apples, cut them into quarters and clean them. Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Mix the apple pieces in with the sugar mix. Place on a baking pan and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 392 F.

Melt the butter and pour it over the apples on the tray before putting them into the oven.

Once the apple are well done and the sugar has caramelized put the apples and the liquids in the pan into a pot. Add the white wine and bring to boil. Add the cloves, the cardamon and some cinnamon. Let it boil for a couple of minutes. The spices I crush in a mortar before adding them to the apples.

Now add the content of the pot and the marzipan to a blender and blend until smooth. Return to the pot, add the Gelling sugar and the lemon juice and boil for 6 minutes.

Fill into sterilized glasses. I boil them in some water to do so.

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  1. A great gift idea and holiday treat!



  2. That must smell good. We usually bake apples in the Fall.

    Have a great Holiday.

  3. I love this apple jam; very fancy with the taste of marzipan. More of a delicacy than a vulgar jam. Great on a piece of brioche I would think!

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