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Sample Delectable Greek cuisine in Crete

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Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and is located in the Mediterranean Ocean. This is a favorite destination of people searching for great deals on holidays in Greece. The island is hugely popular with European tourists because of its wide range of facilities, warm climate and spectacular coastal resorts. The cuisine in Crete is famously healthy and usually includes freshly produced ingredients. The Cretans like to use a lot of olive oil in their cooking as well as plenty of fresh vegetables and fish. The island is home to some spectacular dishes that aren’t often found on the Greek mainland.

The island of Crete has one of the lowest rates of heart disease anywhere in the developed world; this is often attributed to the islanders’ very healthy diet. Cretan dishes often contain freshly-grown produce including tomatoes, olives, peppers and various leaf vegetables. Many people consider the cuisine’s greatest strength to be its simplicity. The widespread use of wild herbs, olive oil and local cheese is legendary throughout Europe and is one of the reasons people continue to return every year. There are some excellent deals on travel and accommodation online that will allow fans of Greek cuisine to sample the latest twists on classic Cretan dishes.

Dakos is one of the island’s specialities and is usually served as a starter. It is made with a baked bread base and topped with cheese, tomato, olive oil and oregano. Fasolakia is another local delicacy that can be served as a main course or a side dish. It is a simple combination of beans with crushed tomato and, of course, a substantial drizzle of olive oil. Sarikopitakia is one of the island’s most iconic dishes and takes its name from the scarf worn by local men on the island. Sarikopitakia consists of delicately fried pastry parcels filled with sheep’s cheese. The dish is usually served as a starter and comes with sea-salt and a choice of fresh dip.

Psitos is a park dish that is cooked over a number of hours in a wood-burning oven. The pork is cooked in the airtight oven and served with roasted potatoes which are cooked in the juices of the meat. Coclious me hondro is a traditional Cretan delicacy and is a very popular dish with the locals. It consists of freshly caught snails which are cooked in a stew of olive oil, red wine, salt, cracked wheat and onion. Many restaurants award a special prize for tourists that eat the entire dish! No trip to Crete should pass without trying a dessert called loukoumades. Deep-fried balls of doughnut batter are coated in local honey and topped with assorted nuts.

Your local agent could also provide a number of vacation options on the island of Crete. An expert team of travel advisers can suggest the best places to stay in relation to the traveller’s budget. The service is ideal for people who want to find the best possible prices available, or for those who don’t want the hassle of booking the various elements of a holiday themselves. Using various travel booking sites to arrange a stay in Crete will give holidaymakers time to think about the wonderful Cretan cuisine they are going to try.

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