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Roundup and voting – 3rd mediterranean cooking event – Lebanon

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Last months topic, Lebanese cuisine, provided us with nice recipes again. Here is the roundup where I present the submitted recipes. I would like you to vote and help us find this months winner. You have 2 votes to give, so choose wisely.

A tip for the participants of the event: Out of experience it helps to link to this post and to ask your readers to support you with a vote.

This months entries for the 3rd mediterranean cooking event with the topic Lebanon:

Our friends form the Erbe in Cucina blog were the first ones to post a recipe. The dish is called Sfoof, which is a sesame cake seasoned with Tumeric and Tahini.

Taste buds posted a Lebanese Omelet. Al lovely simple dish with Sumac and dried mint. Really easy to make!

Island girl from the Neues von der Insel Blog cooked a recipe she had in her folder for 3 years. It turned out great and is called Duck Fatteh.

Baharat is a spice mixture used in the Makloube dish that Seelensturm has cooked for us.

Zaza’s Soup is the second entry from the Taste Buds Blog. I am glad you liked the topic! A great soup with Kibbeh, chick peas and a pinch of cinnamon.

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  1. A great roundup! That cuisine is fantastic!



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  3. Very interesting to see what was picked!

  4. All the dishes sound delicious, don’t know which one to pick.

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