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And the winner is…

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The 1st voting was as great of a success as the 1st mediterranean cooking event as such.
121 votes were given.
97 of them for Rosa’s Yummy Yums and the dish Ayva Dolmasi.

So with Rosa is the winner of this event! Congratulations.

Please check out the current cooking event with the topic SPAIN. Again you can win a great cookbook!

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  1. Wow, I am SO HAPPY! I can’t wait to receive that cookbook!

    Thanks everybody!



  2. Congrats Rosa. Glad you won.

  3. Congratulations to Rosa! I loved that dish of stuffed quince, very original!
    I had a question to Tobias I am planning to make a sweet bread for the spanish event that is eaten for breakfast. Would this be OK, or does it have to be a meal for lunch or dinner?

  4. Bread is fine. In this round I have not pecified what sort of recipe it sould be, so just go ahead.

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