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5th mediterranean cooking event – Morocco

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5th cooking event mediterranean food - MOROCCO - tobias cooks! - 10.02.2010-10.03.2010

We are in North Africa, Morocco is the country of choice. The kitchen of the Maghreb is interesting. It is full of dates, figs, olives and almonds. Lamb is cooked in many different ways. The Tajine is in use alot. This is a clay pot with a clay lid tha thas the form of a hat. The spiced ingredients are put inside and the Tajine is placed on the open fire ot a stove.

Cous Cous is used a lot and Tabulet is a common salad or starter. What are you going to cook this time? Did you ever do a trip to Morocco? Go on a culinary journey and participate!

The 5nd Mediterranean cookingevent

is about


Start date is the 10th of February 2010.
End date is the 10th of March 2010.

The winner receives this great cookbook on Moroccan cooking:

“Moroccan Cuisine”

by Paula Wolfert

These are the RULES:

Who can participate?
Everyone that blogs and loves food.

What do I have to do to participate?

1. Cook a dish from the actual country of focus.
2. Post the recipe on your blog. Mention the event with a backlink and include one of the

banners in the recipe post or on your blog in general.
3. Leave a comment with a trackback (backlink) to your recipe here (below), so we all can find


How is the winner chosen?

After the event has finished I will put up a poll

on the blog that includes all participants. You will have 2 weeks time to vote for your favourite


Can I participate with more than 1 recipe?

Yes, you can. All recipes participate the poll.

Banners you can take along:

(just copy the HTML code and paste it into your blog)

Banner 130 x 130

5th cooking event mediterranean food - MOROCCO - tobias cooks! - 10.02.2010-10.03.2010

Banner 130 x 250

5th cooking event mediterranean food - MOROCCO - tobias cooks! - 10.02.2010-10.03.2010

Banner 500 x 112

5th cooking event mediterranean food - MOROCCO - tobias cooks! - 10.02.2010-10.03.2010


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  1. This is great! I am definitely in….I just posted it on my blog too. Can’t wait!

  2. Hi Beth, thanks for posting the Banner. Could you please post it again, replacing the old code. I had to do a correction on the link. The code is correct now.

  3. Good choice! I’ll have to find a recipe.

  4. Hi Tobias,
    I would like to thank you first for choosing Morocco, of course I will participate, I will paste the banner as soon as I get the chance, I will let you know.

  5. Hi, I love Moroccan cuisine, I just cooked my favourite dish:
    Moroccan Meatballs with Rice and Parsley
    Cant’ wait to read all the other recipes!

  6. Hi Tobias!
    Here’s my recipe


  7. Hi Tobias!Came here thro another blogroll.Would love to participate in this event.

  8. Hi Tobias, I ‘am participating with 2 recipes, I just posted one of them with you logo, check it out, thank you .

  9. You should do so PJ. It is easy and fun. See directions above.

  10. Hello

    Good Morning friends a vous et toute la compagnie je participe pour ce concours bien que je sache que je ne gagne jamais mais tentons toujours
    bonne journee
    mon plat pastilla de mon pays tout en soleil
    la pastilla croustillante ou tourte au poulet et aux amandes–42758000.html

  11. 2 autres recettes pour participer aussi
    and tajine

    thank you
    sourour of morocco

  12. Hi Tobias, Thanks for your visit and for your comment.
    One recipe is fine with me, I honesty just want to participate, I really don’t care about winning, I have more than 200 cookbooks in 4 languages that I use.
    The main reason for entering the contest is exposure for my recipes. Thank you for choosing Morocco for the contest.

  13. hello tobias (actually everyone)

    This sounds interesting! My kind of challenge! Too bad I found out about by the 5th Challenge. I am def in. I have linked your site Tobias and will be completely my entry by the end of the week!

    good luck everyone – cannot wait to see all the creative dishes!

    Here’s a dessert tagine – fun event.

  15. Hi Tobias,Here are 3 reciped from my blog for the event

    Thanks for hosting…

  16. Hi Tobias,

    I came across your event when I was visiting Joy of Cooking by Jagruti.I am a new blogger and would like to participate as there are 3more days for the event to end.Let me know.

    Thank you,

  17. Sure, Kiran. You have 3 days to participate. Plenty of time!

  18. Hi Tobias
    Just like kiran mentioned I am Jagruti of Joy of Cooking..have posted moroccon dish on my blog…

    this is the recipe which I’ve posted..
    I am not sure what backlink is….-(( i’ll check it out..


  19. i try again to send in my recept so mayby the lucky winner?

    i love maroc food i make a lot because i read a lot or maybay because i maried a maroc man…

  20. my husband he tell my to send in my bread…batbout
    and my special baklava

    so her the are

  21. salad is never to much

  22. Hello Tobias and everyone!

    I would like to submit the following recipes into the contest!

    Seffa de couscous –
    Tadjine Djej bel Zeitoun –
    Mahboul Madjoun –

  23. Hello Heni,

    thanks for sharing these recipes with us! According to the rules the recipes must be posted on your blog within the period of the event. Unfortunately all your recipes were posted before the event. Maybe you can cook a dish now and post it in order to partipate.


  24. lyan!

    thanks for posting so may recipes. they all look delicious!

  25. Your husband is right! the bread and the baklava look great.

  26. i have to look one time before the event is close tomorow…. so bad from my, i cant help
    i must by give one more. HiHi

    When we not winn whe have a good meal !!

    have a nice day

  27. agin yes tobias i read your duth is not well, i have a button off google in miy blog you cant by take anny coutry you want

    before you i choi englich|en

    lyan en the bread is so good.


    when i am in maroc i eath this with all familie on the table….
    oh i want to go back to my nice place.
    land off born my husband.


  30. Last minute entry – Honey saffron ice cream over chocolate cous cous:

  31. i follow the result and i dont think i am winning(dam that good looking book)
    but i am in before the next event italy so i take my change agin …not?
    god only now.
    and whe having funn.

    have good day

  32. I like Cous Cous, was introduced by a Moroccan friend who worked in Kenya a few years back. Great event this must have been.

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