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14th Mediterranean Cooking Event – Syria

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We are leaving the European shores once more headding to the eastern Mediterranean. The next country we visit is Syria.

The country is bordered by Turky, the Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. The different influences on the cuisine are versitile.

Not many people know Syrian Cuisine, though is is famous and considered among the best cuisines in the region. The Mezzeh is an important part of every meal. Tabouleh, and yogurt dips are served. Pommegranate is used in cooking, so are dares and olives. Lamb is served a lot as a main course. The sweets are often made with honey and nuts.

Start date is the 10th of Novemer 2010.
End date is the 10th of December 2010.

Once more I could find a really great cook book on the local cuisine.

“The New Book of Middle Eastern Food”

These are the RULES:

Who can participate?
Everyone that blogs and loves food.

What do I have to do to participate?

1. Cook a dish from the actual country of focus.
2. Post the recipe on your blog. Mention the event with a backlink and include one of the banners in the recipe post or on your blog in general.
3. Leave a comment with a trackback (backlink) to your recipe here (below), so we all can find

How is the winner chosen?

After the event has finished I will put up a poll

on the blog that includes all participants. You will have 2 weeks time to vote for your favourite dish.

Can I participate with more than 1 recipe?

Yes, you can. All recipes participate the poll.

Banners you can take along:

(just copy the HTML code and paste it into your blog)

Banner 130 x 130

14th Mediterranean cooking event - Syria - tobias cooks! - 10.11.2010-10.12.2010

Banner 130 x 250

14th Mediterranean cooking event - Syria - tobias cooks! - 10.11.2010-10.12.2010

Banner 500 x 112

14th Mediterranean cooking event - Syria - tobias cooks! - 10.11.2010-10.12.2010


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  1. Looking forward to explore Syrian Cuisine soon! ;-)

  2. I love Syrian cuisine! Have you seen Aromas of Aleppo? It is a gorgeous cookbook with recipes from Syrian Jews. Let’s see what I will tackle this month. :)

  3. Hi, this is my syrian recipe:
    Muhammara (Hot Sauce with Walnuts and Mint)
    thank you!

  4. Syria is an exciting subject! But sadly I don’t have much time at the moment.

  5. [...] This is my submission to Tobias’ 14th Mediterranean Cooking Event, featuring dishes from Syria. [...]

  6. Here is my entry, Tobias:

  7. [...] am sending these Ma’amoul to Tobias for his 14th Mediterranean cooking event, this month is [...]

  8. Hi Tobias,

    Here is my entry for the event:

    Warm regards,

    Vanessa / Sweet Artichoke

  9. I would have liked to participate to this event (I have a blog on Syrian cooking) but unfortunately it’s too late !

  10. Well, you still have a few hours!

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