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Cooking, my passion

In have inherited my big passion to cook from my father. Currently I try to follow this passion every day.

The focus of my recipes is determined by my great love for Greece, which I know well since my childhood. Having lived in this country for many years has deepened my understanding for its culture, language and cuisine. Born in Tyrol, Austria, the Italinan cuisine always felt close to me. Many trips to Tuscany and the Lake of Garda have left their marks. Last but not least my fathers wine callar has left a great impression. He alsways kept it filled with great French wine that I was eager to sample.

I like the sipmpicity of the Mediterranean diet that is based on the use of fresh produce of great quality. “Less is more” is the claim in my kitchen. The culture to take some time to shop and cook and eat is important to me.

You will find some traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes in my blog but also modern fusion dishes. I like to cook with what is available and to create something out of nothing. My recipes shall serve as an inspiration more than anything else. Creativity and fun are the most important things when ccoking.

I want to thank Harry and the team from analog multimedia for the technical support and know-how. Most of all I want to thank Danai for coping with me spending so much time in the kitchen and in front of the PC.

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