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    19th Mediterranean Cooking Event – Greece

    As all travels come to an end also this travel comes to an end. Our last station is Greece, the birthplace of this blog. The Greek Cuisine is in my opinion highly underestimated. This is due to mostly lousy cooking abilities in crowded touristy areas of the country. Original Greek Cuisine is mainly cooked at [...]

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    Personal Chef Service

    You can book my cooking services for Athens and the Greek Islands. I cater for occasions like family gatherings, business dinners or a romantic dinner for two. Treat yourself with delicious, home cooked food. I offer menu planning and consulting, cooking service and shopping service.

    For more information you can find here on my website.

easy and fast

Risotto with porcini secchi

This risotto is one of the best "instant food" recipes ever. I always have some dried mushrooms - porcini secchi at home. It is very ...

Tagliatelle alla Puttanesca

The Puttanesca sugo goes with all kinds of pasta. I had freshly made Tagliatelle at home so I tried this combination. I always make a ...

Onion pie

This simple onion pie is easy to prepare. It is really tasty and you don't have to wait much for the dough as it is ...

Polenta with Zucchini Sauce

after all the rich dishes around Christmas and New Year I feel very much like having some light and easy food. I always wanted to ...

Risotto with preserved mushrooms

I love to cook this dish when I want a healthy meal and have not much time to prepare it. This light and tasty risotto ...

Curd Cheese Gnocchi with Pumpkin Seed Pesto

These delicious Gnocchi are made form curd cheese which makes them lighter than the ones form potato. You can be creative with the pesto, the ...

Savory squash and feta biscuits

I got the idea to these savory biscuits at 101 Cookbooks .I had no muffin baking tray at home but really wanted to try the ...

Avgolemono Soup – Σούπα αυγολέμονο

I can´t think of anything more Greek than Avgolemono. Many dishes are cooked and served with this sauce of egg and lemon. You can also find it in the Turkish Youvalakia. I have prepared a soup from Avgolemono. A fresh and tasty soup that is creamy though light. Preparation time: 20 minutes difficulty: easy Ingredients: [...]

Bean, cellery, apple salad with hemp oil

My colleagues from the Hüttenhilfe blog invited me to try their new organic hemp oil. They produced a great oil in a neat bottle. I like the nutty taste the hemp oil has. It goes well with fruity salads. Preparation time: 10 minutes difficulty: easy Ingredients: 1 can of tuna 1 can of beans – [...]

Turbot in the oven

When I bought this terrific Turbot I did not consider that it most probably could not fit any frying pan I had at home. Thank god I found a baking tray that would accommodate the Turbot. Later I was glad for choosing this method as it turned out to be the easiest anyhow. I was [...]

Chicken breast with Prosciuto

I love this method of preparing chicken breast. The meat stays soft and juicy, it fries quickly and the spices give the dish a great flavour. I serve this dish with rice, spinach or cous cous. An easy to do dish that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Preparation time: 20 minutes Frying [...]

Chocolate pudding with Cayenne pepper

Easy and fast was the promise of Joumana in her blog and she was right. The pudding is one of the fastest desert I ever made and the the combination of sweet and spicy is delicious. Preparation time: 5 minutes difficulty: easy Ingredients for 6 servings: 2 cups of milk 1/2 cup of cream 2 [...]

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